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EK HI DIL HAI- Take care of your Heart-Primus Hospital

EK HI DIL HAI- Take care of your Heart

Heart is the most vital organ of the body. Our survival depends on our heartbeat. Stoppage of heart means end of life. Moreover, heart is only one in body unlike kidneys, lungs, eyes, ear etc. which are in pairs providing lot of reserve for sustenance of life. Therefore heart requires utmost care and any negligence […]

Breathless in Delhi-Primus Hospital

Breathless in Delhi

The story of environmental deterioration has been played out in Delhi for the past several years.  The situation seems to be going beyond control this year again, as air quality has worsened to ‘severe’ category. Every day, we wake up to see a thick blanket of haze surrounding the city. Pollution levels have crossed permissible […]

Rising Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Rising Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular diseases have been a primary reason for increasing deaths with the growing population and the age old problem. Cardiovascular diseases are the primary reason for the premature deaths in the World leading to heart attacks, strokes, etc. Best Cardiac Surgery Hospital in Delhi | Best Heart Surgeon in Delhi […]

Dissolvable Stents- A new future in cardiac care

Dissolvable Stents- A new future in cardiac care Stents are made up of metal but this special stent is made up of a naturally dissolving material which disappears completely in about three years after it stops the artery from being clogged, in comparison to traditional metal stents which require additional cardiac care after the procedure. […]

Botox Has Other Uses

Botox Has Other Uses Botulin injections for the facial muscles have been the new technique used in the BOTOX way of cosmetology. These relax the expression lines and make the person look younger, while this is done with a mild paralysis. Adding on, they are also used to understand the facial expressions of other people. […]

Kidney Transplant in Children

Kidney Transplant in Children Every year atleast 1 out of 65,000 children experience ESRD . This is the end stage renal disease which had no cure until 1950s but now it is treated with a Kidney Transplantation procedure which is the primary method of treating this deadly disease of ESRD. Some children who suffer with […]

Connection between Vitamin D and Asthma Management

Connection between Vitamin D and Asthma Management Earlier on, it was seen that Vitamin D was only used to regulate calcium and osteomalacia levels in bone to prevent diseases such as rickets in children and Arthritis in adults. Then recently, it was seen that Vitamin D was seen to express in 35 tissues and respiratory […]

Why take an Inhaler?

Why take an Inhaler? Patients of asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are usually prescribed their medications that have to be taken directly into their lungs using an inhaler. This is much different from the usual way of taking medication as tablets, syrups or capsules. WHY? Inhaled medicines are delivered directly to your lungs where these […]