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Out Patient Department (OPD) Timings

An outpatient department or OPD is a unit in our hospital where the patient can seek consultation with a general physician or a specialist to discuss the health issues. OPD is usually a separate wing in our hospital and is functional on the basis of the speciality and availability of the specialist in the hospital. The consultant specialists of the hospital of various specialities usually have a pre-decided OPD consultation schedule.

What are OPD timings ?

The OPD timings are in below schedule. But, most of the OPD are functional between 10am to 4pm. More information can be derived from your healthcare provider on the availability of doctors during a defined time in the OPD.

OPD Timings
Doctors Name Days Timings
Ortho & Joint Team
Dr. ( Prof ) Chandra Shekhar Yadav Mon- Sat 01:00 PM- 04:00 PM
Dr. Sumit Anand Mon- Sat 10:00 AM- 04:00 PM
Bariatric Surgery
Dr. Rajat Goel Mon- Sat 09:00 AM-04:00 PM
Dr. Vijender Verma Mon- Sat 09:00 AM-04:00 PM
Prof. (Dr.) Mahesh Chandra Misra Mon- Sat 09:00 AM-04:00 PM
Orthopaedic & Trauma Team
Dr. Aditya Jain Mon- Sat 10:00 AM-04:00 PM
Dr. Vikas chopra Tue/Thu/Sat 11:00 AM-02:00 PM
Dr. Shaloo Bhasin Mon-Sat 12:00 PM-02:00 PM
Neuro & Spine Surgery
Dr. Ravinder Srivastava Mon- Sat 11:00 AM-3:00 PM
Dr. Vishal Jain Mon- Sat 11:00 AM-3:00 PM
Dr. M.S Jha Mon- Sat 10:00 AM-3:00 PM
Dr. Saurabh Mittal Mon- Sat 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Dr. ( Prof ) Sunil Kumar Chhabra Mon- Sat 11:00 AM-4:00 PM
Dr. Pawan Gupta Mon- Sat 11:00 AM-3:00 PM
Dr. Rahul Roshan Mon- Sat 11:00 AM-3:00 PM
Dr. Sunil Agarwal Mon- Sat 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Pain Medicine
Dr. Sorabh Garg Mon- Sat 1:30 PM -3:00 PM
Dr. Madhur Chaddha Tue & Thu 1:30 PM -3:00 PM
Dr. Ankush Sayal Mon- Sat 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Dr. Shweta Nangia Mon- Sat 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Dr. Saurabh Varshney Mon-Sat 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Dr. S S Ahmed Mon/Wed/Thu/Sat 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Tue/Fri 10:00 AM-1:00 PM
Internal Medicine
Dr. Anurag Saxena Mon- Sat 9:30 AM-3:00 PM
Medical Oncologist
Dr. Asmita Jain Mon/Wed/Fri 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Dr. Navya Handa Tue/Wed 9:30 AM-1:30 PM
Fri 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Sat 9:30 AM-2:30 PM
Dr. P.P Verma Mon-Sat 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Dr. Nisha Ohri Tue/Thu 4:00 PM-5:00 PM
Dr. Saumya Prasad Mon - Sat 9:30 AM-5:00 PM
Dr. Nishant Gemini Mon - Sat 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Dr. Ashish Gupta Mon/Thu
2:00 PM-3:00 PM
Dr. Parinita Tiwari Wed/Sat 2:00 PM-3:00 PM
Dr. Sasha raikhy Tue & Fri 11:30 AM-12:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions:
How do you know which specialist you need to refer to ?

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the symptoms and hence it is advised to see a general physician who can further guide you to the specialist as per your chief complaint.

Does an OPD have a separate billing counter ?

The OPD unit in our primus hospital has a separate billing counter and depending on the type of speciality the consultation fee is charged.

What is first consultation ?

First consultation refers to meeting with a doctor for the very first time to discuss your health issues.

What is registration fees and consultation fees ?

Registration fees is the fees you are charged when you register for the very first time in a hospital.On the other hand a consultation fee is the fees you are charged for your meeting with your specialist. In our hospital,We have an only one time registration fee which is valid for a certain period of time defined by the hospital norms. The consultation fee on the contrary is charged every time you see the doctor.

Does an OPD have an insurance desk and a corporate desk ?

Yes, In our hospital,We have an insurance desk and a corporate desk. Ask your healthcare providers for necessary details on insurance coverage and corporate alliances of the hospital you are referring to.

Does the OPD have a separate international patient services desk ?

Yes, In our hospital,We have a separate international patient unit which cater to all the needs of international patients including the ones regarding the OPD services. The international patient services desk helps international patient in seeking the relevant information and guidance.

Is laboratory a part of the OPD ?

No, laboratory is not a part of the OPD. At instance your consulting physician might advise you to get certain blood and other laboratory investigations done. A medical/pathology laboratory is usually associated with a multispecialty hospital where the advised investigations can be carried out and the reports can be further discussed with your consulting specialist.

Can any surgeries be done in OPD ?

In our hospital,We have well equipped OPD where minor surgical procedures can be performed.

What other services can be a part of the OPD ?

Apart from minor surgical procedures our hospital have also a provision of a day care dialysis unit where patients who routinely have to undergo dialysis can be taken care of. Other services offered by OPD include health check-up plans for patients and for corporate alliances and an attached pharmacy for availability of medicine within the OPD premises.

Are there waiting areas and longue in the OPD ?

OPD units in our hospital are planned with a waiting area, information brochures and facility of rest rooms. For example, the paediatric OPD waiting areas usually have a small play area or entertainment available for children to make them more comfortable & are equipped with stretchers, walkers and wheelchairs to be used if required.

When to call an OPD and when the Emergency ?

OPD and emergency are two different units in a hospital. An appointment is usually made to consult a doctor or a specialist for a health issue that does not require emergency medical treatment. Whereas an emergency unit is usually approached in case of medical emergencies which require urgent medical care such as injury after an accident, stroke, heart attack and severe health issues to name a few.

In-Patient Department (IPD)

An inpatient department or IPD is a unit in our hospital where patients are admitted for medical conditions that require appropriate care and attention. An Inpatient Department in Primus is equipped with 130 beds, advanced medical equipments, round the clock availability of doctors and nurses.

Primus is certified for its hospital services thereby assuring you world class facility during your period of stay at the hospital. If solitude is bliss to a healthy human being, it is an inevitable necessity for an ailing patient. Primus has taken great care in designing each room with keeping in mind the space and privacy which every patient longs for when away from home. Extreme attention has been paid towards the training of the staff to provide compassionate and sympathetic care for each patient.

Complete interiors and facilities for every room in this 130 bedded hospital have been designed without any distinction of class so that patients from every walk of life share the same comforts.

The deluxe rooms are replete with all facilities like TV, Telephone, Internet, refrigerator, newspapers and magazines. Adequate forethought has ensured that apart from the facilities available within the room, commensurate ease is experienced in reaching out to medical help if the situation so demands. Hence, each floor has a desk staffed by trained, dedicated nurses, attendants and full-time doctors.

Frequently Asked Questions:
When is a patient admitted in an inpatient department (IPD) ?

A patient is referred for an admission in the IPD wing of the hospital either from the outpatient department, emergency or a referral doctor for a planned procedure. A patient seeking consultation with a specialist for a medical problem can be referred for admission in the IPD for further treatment. A patient who arrives at an emergency unit of the hospital is shifted to an IPD for further treatment if required. Patients who have a procedure or a surgery advised in the hospital may get admitted for the same for a preoperative check-up and preparation for the procedure.

Is the inpatient department equipped with doctors and nurses all the time?

Yes, an IPD is well equipped with nurses and duty doctors/ resident doctors round the clock for the adequate monitoring of the patients recovery. The duty doctors monitor the patient’s condition regularly and inform the concerned specialist in case of any improvement and deterioration of the patient’s condition.

Each patient floor has well-equipped nursing station and highly trained nursing staff and supervisory and housekeeping staff. Doctors’ services and diagnostic facilities are available for the admitted patients round the clock. A prompt and highly trained team reaches any inpatient location promptly in an emergency. A compliment of renowned consultants of high professional competence and standing and trained resident doctors and nurses in super specialties supported by most advanced laboratories ensures prompt and best possible in-patient services.

The food and beverage department takes utmost care in scheduling your diet which has been designed by our expert nutritionist of dietetics department. The hospital is meticulously cleaned frequently throughout the day and hence eliminating any chances of infection.

Can other investigative procedures be carried out in an inpatient department ?

Yes, advised investigations like blood tests, serum analysis, radiographs, scans can be advised in an IPD. The nurse usually withdraws the blood samples and sends it to the laboratory for evaluation. In case of any radiological investigations the doctors instruct the nurses to prepare the patient for the same.

Does inpatient department have a separate billing unit?

Yes, the IPD has a separate billing unit where details about the stay in the IPD can be obtained depending. The billing unit of an IPD in a hospital has a predefined fees depending on the type of room (either a single, double sharing, triple sharing or a general unit), the type of speciality the patient is admitted in, the specialist under which the patient is admitted and the type of procedure the patient is admitted for.

Primus also has other categories like economy double sharing, economy triple sharing , to cater to people of various economic backgrounds. All rooms are well equipped and are provided quality medical care.

Are there insurance and corporate help desks for inpatient department ?

Yes, We have corporate and insurance help desks as a part of the billing unit.

Is there an international help desk for inpatient department ?

Yes, In Primus hospital,We have a separate international patient unit that cater to all the needs of international patients including the ones regarding the IPD services. The international patient services desk helps international patient in seeking the right care.

Is the inpatient department divided on the basis of specialties?

Yes, In our hospital the IPD are divided as per the type of speciality per say general surgery, general medicine, orthopaedic, gynaecology etc.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

PRIMUS boasts of 18 bedded fully equipped ICU with each bed having advanced invasive and non-invasive monitoring with a six bedded HDU (high dependency unit) attached to ICU. The ICU has the facility of central monitoring situated at nurses work station.

The ICU is equipped with advanced ventilators (Nellcor Puritan Bennett) to ventilate critically ill patients (adult as well as paediatric patients), Defibrillators, Central Oxygen supply, central suction, resuscitation equipments, motorized multiposition beds, air mattresses (to prevent bed sores in bed ridden patients), bedside echocardiography and life saving and emergency drugs.

The ICU is looked after by a qualified and dedicated team of anesthesiologists and intesivists who provide round the clock care to the patients with a human touch. Team of specialists support includes cardiologists, nephrologists, urologist, neurologist and neurosurgeon present on call, should the need arise. World class nursing care is provided by a team of well qualified and trained nurses and other paramedical staff.

24 hrs Emergency services

At PRIMUS Super Speciality Hospital, emergency handling has been exclusively programmed to avoid wastage of time. Separate entrance for emergency patients, outpatients and inpatients avoids crowd and resultant confusion. The “24 hours PRIMUS Emergency Services” includes fully equipped Resuscitation Room with ventilators, central venous catheters, defibrillators, Radiology Department equipped to handle all emergencies, special ICU with four world class operation theatres with the most modern equipment.

The moment an accident or trauma patient arrives, he/she is rushed to the Resuscitation Room. Once the patient is stabilized, he/she is taken to the adjacent wash room for removal of all traces of dirt and infection and subsequently brought back to the Resuscitation Room for examination, diagnosis and treatment. Depending on the degree of injury sustained, action is taken without any loss of time. A patient with minor injuries is moved to the suture room; once that requires careful monitoring is moved to the ICU and those in need of critical surgeries are shifted to the fully equipped Emergency Operation Theatre for immediate treatment.

24 Hrs Ambulance Service

Primus provides 24 Hrs Ambulances that are well equipped and manned by trained personnel Ambulances services are provided by Falk. The ambulance is a basic life support type.

Effective communication system between the central control room, ambulances and the emergency facilities in the hospitals.

24 Hrs Pharmacy

Primus Super Speciality Has a 24 hrs pharmacy running. The pharmacy is situated in the OPD Section right at the main entry of the of the hospital , with the sole aim, of easy accessibility to the patients , Visitors etc.

The pharmacy is equipped with mainly equipped with all types of medicines and pharmaceutical drugs.